3 Facts About Bio Clean Trauma Cleaning Services Melbourne

When one thinks of trauma cleaning services in Melbourne, gruesome and filthy images come to mind. But the scope of trauma cleaning services in Melbourne goes beyond just cleaning such sites. Be it property disaster clean up Melbourne, suicide clean-up or even abandoned house cleaning services Melbourne, Bio Clean is a unanimous name you will always come across. We have been providing a wide range of services across Melbourne for years now. Known for our top-notch cleaning services, we also combine affordability with everything we do.

This article narrates the top 3 facts about bio clean trauma cleaning services in Melbourne. And no, it’s not how you are imagining it (also note how you have seen it on TV).

Let’s dive in!


3 Facts About Bio Clean Trauma Cleaning Services Melbourne

We are multitasking experts: That’s right. We not only can undertake property disaster clean up Melbourne, abandoned house cleaning services Melbourne or trauma cleaning services Melbourne but can also perform top-notch deep cleaning services too. Why should you hire Bio Clean for regular cleaning? Because we are always focused on minute details and that makes the cleaning process 10x better. Additionally, all our products are eco-friendly and industrial strength.


This way, we don’t cover up odours, instead, we remove them from the root. With years of experience working in biohazard filled and high-risk environments, our general precautionary measures are much advanced and practised on a regular basis. Be it a biohazard site, a highly contaminated site or a mere property disaster clean up Melbourne, Bio Clean can do it the best way out!

Endless, high-quality and super-effective range of cleaning products: We are called usually in cases of emergencies and there’s never a window to be out of supplies. At Bio Clean office, our shelves are full of eco-friendly, industrial-grade cleaning products that are tough on stains and odours and don’t cause a speck of damage to the surface. Additionally, our range of equipment is vast and specifically included to ensure adequate cleaning. Since Bio Clean deals mostly with biological wastes and contaminants, we always make it a point to carry ample disposal bags and boxes to ensure that we are not leaving behind anything that has the potential to contaminate the environment and cause a disease outbreak.

Some basic cleaning and protection devices we carry:

  • Cleaning products
  • Biological waste disposal containers
  • Dismantling tools
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Industrial strength equipment

We listen and are respectful: While we are usually the last ones to arrive at a trauma site, we understand the complexities of the situation at hand and the fact that someone lost their most beloved person in the worst possible way. Dealing with a close one’s loss is always difficult and having to witness strangers cleaning and restoring the place back to normal can be emotionally straining and painful.

Our trauma cleaning services in Melbourne are always respectful and considerate of others. We understand that even though it’s just a job for us, the whole situation holds immense gravity for someone else. While we don’t act or play the role of a therapist at all, our cleaning experts are always patient and respectful of the dead. Thus, during the cleaning process, if we come across anything that belongs to your loved ones and isn’t evidence, we hand it over to you after careful cleaning. We may also accommodate any of your cleaning requests if possible.

A trauma site can be more dangerous than you can imagine!

Don’t touch anything! Call Bio Clean today!

Bio Clean Melbourne


Bio Clean Melbourne is a leading biohazard cleaning and property remediation company that offers quick and high-quality services in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, and Mornington.

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