10 Points On Service And Business

10 points on service and business, that we are going to discuss are for information purpose in which you have learn some comparisons between service and business. After that you can also take decision to choose what you want. Service is a practice of doing everything or working for a company or for your leader or for your senior.Business is a practice of doing everything or working for you.


What Is Responsibilty In Terms Os Business And Service?

In service, all responsibility is of the boss or head or senior. As, if you do something wrong, then, the main responsibility to answer the customer of company, is of the head not of you.But in business all responsibility is yours whether the situation is good or bad.


What Is Income In Business And Service?

Income for a man in service is fixed. Either it is less or more but it is fixed. On the other hand a man in business income is not fixed, the income is vary according to profit and loss. Generally, most of the people think that in service, the income is low and in business income is high. But it is not correct it is up to you (your capability) and company or business you have choose.

Time Schedule

What Is Time Schedule For Business And Service?

time schedule.png
In service, you have a time schedule of everything or can say, your life is scheduled with time, but in business you have no time schedule, if there is a need of you for your business, in terms of anything then you have to be attentive all the time.


What Is Investment In Business And Service?

In service there is no need of investment. But in business there is a big need of investment. Because of many factors like place, setup, manpower, stock of goods etc. which are very costlier now a days. There is no limit of investment in business. How much you invest and if you have proper knowledge with great mind-set, then your business can reach on next level or a good value.


What Is Risk In Business And Service?

If I say that only business men have risks then it is not right, also service men have risks. Though the difference is that service men have risks of losing their jobs but business men have risks of many thing like income generation, downfall in business, market situation, etc., sometimes they have to face failure also.

Money Spinner

What Does Money Spinner Mean In Business And Service?

money spinner.jpg
Who want more money and have capability to take risk then the business is best for him. Service is not a money spinner whereas business is a money spinner platform. If you do well in business then you definitely spin your money and get more profits and make your money work for you. But if you not do well then you fall very down and face failure.

Work Accordingly

What Can Be Work Accordingly In Business And Service?

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In service or job you have to work according to your head or boss or senior as you have to do what your senior ask you to do irrespective of whether it is right or wrong but in business you are free from any order as you work according to you. Job is listening your senior and business is listening to yourself.


What Is Preference In Business And Service?

Still after all these factors many people do prefer service or job instead of business because of a fixed income and scheduled life but I choose business for me because of capable of taking risk and use mind-set efficiently by me.It is upon you whether you choose service or business.


Have You Know The Fact Of Business And Service?

The fact is that there is no job or service without any business as a business is the main way which creates services for many people.A person doing job or working and get paid of it by company, it is service; on the other hand the dealing held between company and its customer with the help of person’s service, it is business among them.


What Is Truth In Business And Service?

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The truth is that every business or every business men can not get success, they falls down very badly. It is not meant that people in service can not falls down or they are safe, they also get down and many people even not getting any job due to which the rate of unemployment increases day by day in India.THESE ARE 10 POINTS ON SERVICE AND BUSINESS. BUT I STILL RECOMMEND YOU TO ANALYSE YOURSELF AND THEN TAKE DECISION VERY SINCERELY, AS NO WORK IS SMALL OR BIG. NO MATTER WHAT YOU CHOOSE, JUST DO THAT WORK OR CHOOSE THAT WAY IN WHICH YOU CAN PERFORM EFFICIENTLY.

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